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"A smooth sea
never made a skilled sailor."

(Franklin D. Roosevelt) 

Hi, I'm Boike Rabe - born and raised in the far north of Germany. My investment journey began at a boarding school. There, I had two exceptional teachers: a mentor who still is very important to me and my economics and politics teacher who ignited my interest in the capital markets.  When I was 17 years old, in 2011, he organized a stock market game with my class that I won. I bought my first shares there and have never stopped since - I was hooked. From then on I saw any  student job as opportunity to invest.

At university I studied law as major with a keen eye on economics: this way I learned to combine legal and economic analysis for profound evaluations to make profitable investments decisions. During my studies, I worked for large commercial law firms, which gave me valuable experiences and good insight into our complex economic world, allowing me to work on a wide variety of cases and mandates. This background has gifted me with a network of people who share the same values and mindset as I do and inspire mutual growth. It has also granted me a place in a renowned trading coaching, developing skills to execute perfect combinations of fundamental and technical analysis in trading.

Currently I am studying for the CISI Certificate in International Advanced Wealth Management, work in a law firm and with eToro.