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Aixtron: High Prospects

Analysts at BNP Paribas see a lot of potential in the MicroLED manufacturing equipment of chip equipment manufacturer Aixtron. They raised their price target for the share by 50 percent to 30 euros. This pushed the share price up significantly.

BNP expects the ramp-up of MicroLED production on Aixtron equipment in the fourth quarter. With equipment for the production of compound semiconductors made of silicon carbide and gallium nitride, which are an energy-efficient alternative to semiconductors made of silicon in electric and hybrid drives, for example, Aixtron is also well positioned in other future markets. The company will present its second quarter results on May 5. So far, revenues of 450 to 500 million euros and order intake of 520 to 580 million euros are expected for 2022. On average, this would mean growth of around eleven percent compared with 2021.

Technical: The impulse brings the share price closer to the upper limit of the resistance zone at 22.50 euros. It should soon be overcome.

P/E RATIO 22: 27.6

P/E RATIO 23: 23.1

P/E RATIO: 4.0

DVD: 1.4%


Disclaimer: I own $AIXA.DE (AIXTRON) stock. The above is my analysis and opinion, not investment advice


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