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Follow the steps until your profile is completed. Fill in the required information about your personal financial situation.


2. Knowlegde & experience questions

This information is required for your own protection to assess your knowledge and experience. The data is only visible to eToro and the regulatory authorities and is subject to strict confidentiality. 


3. Fund your account

To get started, the account needs to be funded. Since security prices at eToro are quoted in USD, the default display here is also in USD. If funds need to be converted, pay attention to the rates of your payment service provider. These can vary considerably.


4. Copy me (Boike Rabe) 

Now the added funds can be applied to my portfolio by copying it. You can do this by clicking on the link below and selecting "COPY". You will then be asked how much capital you want to invest. 


5. Set your initial
copy amount 

You can start copying with $500.
I recommend an initial amount of at least $2,000, copying open trades. Leave the checkmark "Copy Open Trades" set so that all trades are opened initially.


6. Set your stop loss 

The default stop loss is set at 60%.
I recommend setting this to 40% because the portfolio must be able to breathe, i.e. it must be allowed to have some movement.


7. If you want to add funds monthly

I will add additional funds every month on the 1st day. To get the best performance, I recommend you to do the same. eToro notifies all copiers when I add funds, so you can't miss it. For monthly additions, uncheck the "Copy Open Trades" box.


8. If you want to switch off notifications

I recommend you turn all notifications off, accept "Account". This way you will not be bothered during more agile times. Go here to do that.

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